Series: John

Suffering and Glory

John 11 John’s account of the raising of Lazarus from the dead recounts a pivotal point in Jesus’s earthly ministry.  The peculiar way that Jesus handled illness and death for his friends at this moment of history raises (and answers!) fundamental questions about life in this fallen world, and the way that this set in …

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Protected Forever in Jesus

John 10:21-42 Following Jesus means we are forever protected from those who would ultimately destroy us.  

Religion Verses Grace

John 9:1-41 Jesus comes to give us true sight and real life if you will embrace Him.  

Responding To The Guilty

John 7:53; John 8:1-11 Jesus withholds the condemnation guilty sinners deserve so they might receive His just forgiveness and be saved from sin.

Willing To Do God’s Will

John 7:1-24 Any person willing to do God’s will increasingly understands the truth of God found in Jesus Christ.

Where Will You Go?

John 6:60-71. Whatever comes your way be faithful to Jesus, the Holy One of God, who alone has the words of eternal life.